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The book that changes lives

Read the stories of regular people, just like you, that suffered far too long with debilitating diseases, chronic fatigue and pharmaceutical dependency. What they really needed to turn their health around was some proven restorative advice that addressed the cause, not the symptoms.

This book is full of that advice. The explanations are based on the four pillars of health – digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination. These are the structures that help your body run effectively.

Don’t ignore the ‘little signs” that tell you something may be off. Listening to your body’s CEO can change your life.



Fitness is fabulous, but nutrition counts for 80% of the health of your body. The World of Wellness helps you balance the three components of your health – fitness, nutrition and preventative maintenance with the support of a leading expert in digestive health and weight loss.

Nutritional Management

Living with nagging digestive issues such as acid reflux, heartburn, gas, and bloating? Through dietary changes and habits we bring your body back to homeostasis (balance) so that eating becomes fun again!


Through our wow programs, we manage to reverse symptoms of disease by  discovering the cause, not by treating the symptoms of any disease including cancers, arthritis, anxiety, depression, hormonal issues, to name a few.

Exercise Coach

It’s time to lose fat, gain lean muscle and improve your posture with a detailed custom program designed to help with the imbalances and weaknesses you may have in your current physical state.

Frances Michaelson

Frances is a pioneer in the fitness industry since the early 90s. Since then she has co-operated a health club, competed in bodybuilding, opened her own personal training studio and founded MuscleUp Canada, an exercise product distribution company.

Frances knows first hand that fit doesn’t always mean healthy. So she made it her business to provide clients with more holistic advice.

Since 2011, Frances has been a Certified Naturopath on the West Island of Montreal, Quebec. She has helped hundreds of people take control of their health and Live the World of Wellness.


Jen L.

Frances has helped me implement new eating habits that suit my lifestyle and her maintenance program is like having a coach in your back pocket.

Sylvie L.

Frances is amazing! With her insight, knowledge and hands-on experience, I already feel much better and only after one week! I have more clarity of mind and the excitement that things are starting to work for the better.

Sophia P.

It makes better sense to start off on the right foot with a well tailored program than follow just anyone on youtube. I would never have stayed committed and injury free if I didn’t start with Frances’ physical assessment.


All packages are customized to target your challenges and guarantee results.

  • 4-weeks

  • DO IT!

    Detailed health assessment 

    24/7 email support

    Bi weekly calls

    Two private consultations 

    Initial cleansing package

  • 16-WEEKS

  • FEEL IT!

    Detailed health assessment 

    24/7 email support

    Bi weekly calls

    Four private consultations 

    Initial cleansing package

    Complete Transformation Program††

  • 36-weeks

  • BE IT!

    Detailed health assessment 

    24/7 email support

    Bi weekly calls

    Six private consultations 

    Initial cleansing package

    Complete Transformation Program†

    Personal kitchen audit

    Shopping support

    Meditation instruction


Kerry Y.

I've been seeing Frances for years and on at least 2 occasions her treatment has kept me out of hospital. If your looking for a great Naturopathic Doctor, don't hesitate to contact her.

Elvira B.

Frances' knowledge and experience in personal training and naturopathy have been invaluable to my well being. Cut to the chase, if you want results, she is your go-to person.

Sabra W.

Frances is a passionate naturopath. With her extensive knowledge of nutrition and fitness she creates a food plan and strategy so you can meet your goals with success.


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