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Nutritional Management

Living with nagging digestive issues such as acid reflux, heartburn, gas, and bloating? Through dietary changes and habits we bring your body back to homeostasis (balance) so that eating becomes fun again!


Through our wow programs, we manage to reverse symptoms of disease by  discovering the cause, not by treating the symptoms of any disease including cancers, arthritis, anxiety, depression, hormonal issues, to name a few.

Exercise Coach

It’s time to lose fat, gain lean muscle and improve your posture with a detailed custom program designed to help with the imbalances and weaknesses you may have in your current physical state.


Align your health, fitness, and dietary habits to a more balanced way of being with Frances Michaelson! Your leading expert in digestive health and weight loss.


Jen L.

Frances has helped me implement new eating habits that suit my lifestyle and her maintenance program is like having a coach in your back pocket.

Sylvie L.

Frances is amazing! With her insight, knowledge and hands-on experience, I already feel much better and only after one week! I have more clarity of mind and the excitement that things are starting to work for the better.

Sophia P.

It makes better sense to start off on the right foot with a well tailored program than follow just anyone on youtube. I would never have stayed committed and injury free if I didn’t start with Frances’ physical assessment.

Frances Michaelson

I owned and operated a personal training studio for 12 years. After training many people, I soon came to realize how strong a role nutrition played. Exercise is important, but nutrition counts for 80% of the shape your body will take. I faced my own health/weight challenges when competing in body building competitions and struggled with the medical system when I lost my mother suddenly to a stroke and heart attack.

There were too many unanswered questions which led me to the path of naturopathy. Since 2011, I have been instrumental in helping hundreds of people take control of their health and opening their eyes to the world of wellness.

Frances Michaelson

My NEW Book is in!

I am so excited to release this book. It’s a two year project filled with stories from clients who have turned their health around with my guidance and support. A detailed explanation of the 4 pillars of health-digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination is clearly outlined for an easy understanding of how we were designed. I love to educate and inspire everyone to listen to their bodies and not ignore the ‘little signs” that something may be off.



All programs are customized to target your challenges and guarantee results. Consultations can be offered in person or virtually through Skype or Face time.

Live the Wow!

These programs are guaranteed to bring major transformations to your life! Contact us today to see where you fit.

Kick Start Your Wow! (4-weeks)

Month-long program to jump-start your health

Includes detailed health assessment, cleansing product & personal support

Feel Your Wow! (16 weeks)

4-month customized program

Develop new eating and exercise habits

Includes monitoring, tracking and unlimited personal support

Be Your Wow! (36 weeks)

9-month customized program

Complete 100% body transformation—guaranteed to last! (36-weeks)


Maintain your Wow!

Stay committed! Keep the coach in your back pocket.

Follow-up Health Assessment

Additional Health & Fitness Consultations


Workplace Wellness

Let’s make wellness a part of your companies culture! This is a win-win for both employees and employers. Aside from my private practice, I enjoy bringing the Wow ( world of wellness ) to the workplace. Allow my team of experts to come in to teach valuable and easy solutions to increase happiness, health, and productivity. Let’s practice health together! See my blogs for interesting and effective topics for workshops or lectures, or call me to discuss further.

Health Workshops & Lectures

Fitness Workouts

Nutrition & Dietary Education



Stay connected and up to date with the latest health tips and news.


Kerry Y.

I've been seeing Frances for years and on at least 2 occasions her treatment has kept me out of hospital. If your looking for a great Naturopathic Doctor, don't hesitate to contact her.

Elvira B.

Frances' knowledge and experience in personal training and naturopathy have been invaluable to my well being. Cut to the chase, if you want results, she is your go-to person.

Sabra W.

Frances is a passionate naturopath. With her extensive knowledge of nutrition and fitness she creates a food plan and strategy so you can meet your goals with success.