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If you’re going to snack… make it an apple or two! I never understood snacking. Clients ask me all the time for good snack options. My answer is always the same… if you are eating whole foods that are nutrient dense, you should not have to snack. Munching mindlessly can spike blood sugar and quite simply contribute to weight gain. Digestion is challenging enough as it is, why add more to the process?

If you are one to like a mid morning or afternoon snack, apples will actually aid in the digestive process. The combination of fiber and phenolic compounds help regulate blood sugar and protect against many diseases. The non-digestible fiber part of the apple resists digestion by stomach juices. They dodge the digestive aids and enzymes too, and reach the colon. This is where the gut bacteria thrive. Gut bacteria feed on these non-digestible fiber and produce short chain fatty acids. These short chain fatty acids have many benefits including sustained energy, stable blood sugar, and they help keep you full!

There are numerous varieties to choose from, especially at this time of year. Try to stay organic as apples tend to be high in pesticide residues!

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